About Us

Introduction to Conveyor Knowledge and Information Technology (CKIT)

We thank you for allowing us this opportunity to introduce our company and our capabilities to yourselves and we hope that you will find the following details to be of interest.

CKIT is a materials handling consulting and engineering company which is based in Bedfordview, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa. Our expertise is specific to the bulk materials handling field and includes detailed design, feasibility studies, costing, problem solving, forensic engineering, conceptual design, layouts of plants and facilities and dynamic simulation modelling of processes.

If our work with plant simulation is of specific interest we are able to model an entire materials handling facility allowing the optimum sizing of associated equipment. We are quite unique in this area and have executed a number of related studies in the past.

To assist with the development of studies to a definative estimate stage we have developed a comprehensive cost model (spreadsheet) which includes operating and maintenance cost modeling.

Other major areas of speciality include machine design specificaly in the area of stackers and associated scraper reclaimers. We have also an extended knowledge of dump stacking and spreading machines.

Finally we are extensively involved in conveyor design and in the pioneering of revolutionary

The following is an abridged list of CKIT capabilities:

Plant Layout Equipment Sizing
Dynamic Simulation Equipment Selection
Definitive Estimates Equipment Specification
Stockpile Machine Design Idlers, Pulleys, Drives
Conveyor Design Belting, Take-ups
Load Out Station Design Chute Work
Crushing Station Design  
Project Planning Site Troubleshooting
Project Control Design Audits
Cost Control  

Almost all of the above expertise is in house at ConveyorKit.

Generally our clients are based in Southern Africa although we have/are performing work in India (largest pipe conveyor in the world).