Unique Design Features

Pipe Conveyors offer the most competitive option to Conventional Trough Belt Conveyors.

Tied for many years under a patent contract, the Pipe Conveyor developed a reputation for high capital cost with associated high spares and maintenance costs.

Also the difficulties with maintaining and controlling the pipe shape and position made the conveyor a low availability risk.

With the lapse of the patent rights throughout the world, other players realising the enormous potential of the conveyor entered the market.

The result today is the introduction of a spillage free transportation system targeting the Environmentally conscious users in the world.

When compared to conventional conveyors a pipe conveyor can offer the following :-

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Figure 1 above shows the latest development in idler layout.

It shows 3 idlers placed on either side of the support frame compared to Figure 2 below which has all 6 idlers on one side. We observe the following :-

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Figure 2

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ConveyorKit's Triangular Gantry Structure

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Traveling Maintenance Trolley
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