Pipe Conveyor Power and Tension Calculation


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Pipe Capacity [t/h] 

Material Density [t/m]

Belt Speed [m/sec]

Pipe Diameter [m]

Section 1 Length [m]

Section 2 Length [m]

Section 3 Length [m]


Lift Section 1 [m]

Lift Section 2 [m]

Lift section 3 [m]

Curve radius [m]

Angle 1 [deg]

Angle 2 [deg]

Angle 3 [deg]

Angle 4 [deg]

Carry Spacing [m]

Return Spacing [m]

Belt Mass [kg/m]

Idler Roll Resistance [N]

Friction Factor (ky) [-]

Drive efficiency [-]

Angle of Wrap [deg]

Pulley Friction Factor [-]




Belt Speed m/s Pipe Diameter m
Actual Pipe CSA sq m Volume of Pipe m/sec
Required Volume m/sec Percentage Capacity %
Conveyor Length m Conveyor Lift m
Tension T1 kN Tension T2 kN
Tension TSAG kN Tension T effective kN
KX Factor Kg/m  
Power Full Belt kW Power Empty Belt kW
Belt Rating Steel Core - Belt Rating Fabric -